Please Never Ever put these 13 Random things on Microwave

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You do not want to be in a sea of trouble ? Pay seriously attention to avoid puting these 13 random things on your Microwave.

1 - Aluminium Foil (everyone know this one)

2 - Stainless Steel / Travel Mugs

3 - Chinese Take-out Boxes (because of Metal handless and plastic inside)

4 - Styrofoam contenant

5 - Plastic storage container (We all have plenty of these plastic Tupperware in our kitchen but there are not good for Microwave)

6 - Raisin (because it can smoke in Microwave)

7 - Grappe (they can catch on fire)

8 - Plastic Bags (anybody is doing this ?)

9 - Brown Grocery Bags (as just as dangerous as plastic bag)

10 - Eggs in the Shell (can explode)

11 - Dried Hot Peppers

12 - Sauce without cover

13 - Tell us the last one base on your own experience...


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